Why A Cocktail Orange, Shaken and Stirred?

There sure is a lot of negative news out there today and after a while, the ad nauseam rhetoric really gets to the inner spirit. We here at Zan Media took a look around and thought, why not refresh that spirit producing a documentary about just that – spirits!

Some names associated with alcoholic beverages are terse – like booze or hooch. Some sound romantic and old school, such as a cocktail or highball. Then there’s the whole world of wine too. Our prior documentary films, A Passion for the Vine and The Routes to Roots, Napa and Sonoma address a lot about vino but we found even more to explore with wine cocktails and the story of sherry, and even a fun tutorial on how spirits are actually made.

Initially we set out to follow Ernest Hemmingway and some other authors that were known to enjoy a drink or two. But it turned out a lot of them were drunks and there’s nothing uplifting about that. So we turned instead to perusing some gorgeous locations in California and Hawaii with bars and saloons that create unique concoctions using fresh, local ingredients, presented by proprietors and professors, bartenders and professional mixologists.

What we found was passion; so many of our participants were so excited to share their stories, histories and recipes. Just as they would if they were talking to you in person across the bar on a Saturday night or Sunday buffet.

Uplifting indeed!

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